About Ellvera

Ellvera designs interior decorative items made
out of plexiglass. Their collection consists of
napkin rings, coasters and place mats.
All the products are designed in laser cut and
screen printed plexiglass. The patterns are
designed by the textile artist Kaffe Fassett and
were originally developed as fabrics.

The textile artist Kaffe Fassett is known for his
fantastic colours and patterns in embroideries,
knitted garments, carpets and above all, fabrics.
He was born in 1937 in California, yet he has
lived in London, where he also has his studio,
since the early 1960s. Through the years he
has had numerous exhibitions, several of them
in Sweden.





Tel + 46 709 37 10 67. info@ellvera.se

Drift & Produktion: Wikinggruppen